Frequency Asked Questions

Is there a charge for the Card?

The cost of your first Guelph Student Campus Card is included in your registration fee. Lost, stolen or broken cards are subject to a Student Campus Card replacement fee of $30. The Student Campus Card replacement fee is payable by debit or credit to The Campus Card Office.

What do I do if my Campus Card/ access doesn't work?

If a Campus Card is broken or not functioning, please bring the card to the campus card office so we are able to test your card and determine the issue.

What if I lose my Card?

Deactivate your card right from your cellphone or computer by going into the GET Mobile App and using Quick links to mark the card as lost. 

Submit the Lost Card Replacement Form. Once submitted, you will receive a pick up confirmation email or your card will be mailed directly to your address.

If you find your card, you can use the GET app to mark it as found.

Reactivation of a previously lost card cannot, under any circumstances, be done if a new card has already been issued. The replacement card will be subject to a Student ID Card replacement fee.

How do I use my bus pass? 

Effective January 1st  2022, eligible students will simply tap their student card on the HID reader upon boarding a Guelph Transit bus.

I am a returning student, do I need a new card?

Returning students do not require to get a new Campus Card, your card will remain active for the duration of your studies at the University of Guelph. However, if your card has stopped working, please email

I found someone's card, what should I do?

If you find someones Campus Card, please bring it into our office. We are located in the University Centre Room 008.